Sketch by Efva Lilja

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The Efva Lilja Archive

Containing material from 1975 to 2014.

The Efva Lilja Archive is at the National Library of Sweden (Kungliga Biblioteket, Enheten för handskrifter, kartor och bilder. 2009/20. Beteckning: L 288.). Eventually, the archive will be searchable via the database Ediffah,

For further information: anna_karlander [at] or Thomas Skalm at the National Library of Sweden.

  • Documents
  • Work material, project planning and choreographic sketches
  • Correspondence
  • Programmes and reviews
  • Articles on Efva Lilja / E.L.D.
  • Academic essays and theses on Efva Lilja / E.L.D
  • Texts and publications by Efva Lilja
  • Lectures, seminars and courses by Efva Lilja
  • E.L.D. and the art of dance in school
  • Culture political material
  • Work premises of E.L.D.
  • Constitutions and annual reports
  • Protocols
  • Accounts
  • Statistics
  • Photographs

Please, find the extended catalogue until 2009 here