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Art, Research, Empowerment


The artist as researcher

Every person contributes, consciously or subconsciously, to the foundation of our culture. Our culture encompasses all that leaves an imprint on our intra-human relations, here and now. An element in our culture is what we call art. Some choose to become artists and produce art. What does it mean to see the world, to see education and research with the eye of an artist?

This book is written from an artist's perspective. It discusses cause and effect, steering and empowerment in relation to artistic research based on the Swedish system; it explores how the artistic researcher can enhance art, artistic education, markets and commercial values. Increased knowledge makes constructive use of resistance and restraints; it empowers networks for cooperation. A field of research in flux demands new strategies for taking a stand. Research is one way to do it.

Efva Lilja
Artist, Professor, Expert Advisor on Artistic Research at the Ministry of Education and Research in Sweden

Order or download the book for free at www.government.se.

The book is available in Swedish and in English.