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A House, A Cow, A Woman


The production consist of a site-specific exhibition in the foyer, an installation in the shape of a social space for relaxation, conversations or a tour in a swing. On scheduled time a performance and thereafter storytelling for grown-ups.

Efva Lilja fills a room with a narration that takes us beyond everything that is defined as reasonable, measured, real and true. A room defined by physical boundaries, by lighting and objects related to body. A room filled with black figures in ink, video imagery and yours truly.

Our sense of wellbeing, nausea, creativity or passivity is to a large extent dependent on the room we enter. We are in constant movement between physical or digital rooms, often without reflecting on the passage. Efva Lilja draw them and design a room that takes us through layers of conscience, into passionate episodes or contemplative stillness. Or maybe just playfulness with a political edge. In dance, imagery, video or text. Possibly some singing.

In recent times her choreographic drawings have left paper or acrylic glass and flowed onto walls and ceilings. The black ink figures act and fill out the gaps in what she claim as her own inabilities. More so. She draw herself into the pictures, add ”ready-made” imagery and objects, video installations, dance and a remotely controlled house inhabited by a cow.

"When thoughts and body are filled with notions about our existence that do not tally with the general understanding, it might be an idea to test alternative expressions, movements and words offered by art. Choreographic sequences challenge and present imagery we can use in the formation of reality where political activities, trivial events and what is easily recognizable can be tested, reinvestigated and given new forms of expression. Presenting this as a time-limited performance is an invitation to dialogue. We share a space, a time and a will to meet. Then we'll see what happens…"

Watch documentation of the piece on YouTube