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A Wet Evening
Complete list of works to be found under "Archive"

A House, A Cow, A Woman

A documentation of A House, A Cow, A Woman – a production by and with Efva Lilja that consists of an exhibition/installation, lunch dates, a stage performance and an after-the-show-talk with storytelling. It was developed during two residences, at CND in Paris and at Dansens hus in Stockholm, where it premiered in April 2015.


Video art for galleries.

Walking the Mist

A choreographed movement of time through layers of sensualy bodily experiences.
Music: Tommy Zwedberg, Editing: Sofia Sundström. Duration 14.30 min.

Homeward Bound

Dance film HDV 16:9, Four Dancers. Original Music: Tommy Zwedberg, duration 8.45 min. Produced by E.L.D. and Deep Sea Productions.

A Dance on the Arctic Ice

Solo Dancer, Original Music: Tommy Zwedberg, Photography: Thomas Pommier/Efva Lilja, Image Direction: Efva Lilja, Editing: Jesper Ingerlund, duration 8 min. Produced by Swedish Television

The Documentary of the Polar Expedition Arctic Ocean 2002

Documentary on the work of "The Art of Dance in a Frozen Landscape". Swedish Polar Expedition Arctic Ocean 2002.

Documentary about The Illuminated Dream Aflame

Documentary about "The Illuminated Dream Aflame", a site specific work commissioned by The Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain.

Cave of a Memory

Dance Video, duration 5.30 min. Choreography/Direction/Set Design/Costume: Efva Lilja, Original Music: Tommy Zwedberg, Editing/Graphics: Jesper Ingerlund, Soloist: Hjalmar Blomqvist, and Eleven Further Performers. Recorded at the Siarö Fort 1998.

A Wet Evening

Produced by E.L.D., duration 3 min.

Resan Hem

Pilot Film produced by EMPE Film for Svenska Filminstitutet. Four Dancers, Original Music: Tommy Zwedberg. Danced under water, duration 5 min.

En Tids Rörelse

Produced by Swedish Television, duration 45 min.

Video Documentations

Most of Efva Lilja's stage-works have been documented on video and are frequently shown on screenings around the world. There have also been documentary films made on her work. Among them one on the work of The Illuminated Dream Aflame at The Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, Bilbao, Spain.