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Art offers an attitude to living, as a political force and as loving care for mankind. Art is a meeting place where the rational collides with the irrational, a meeting place for that which expands the democratic space by offering a voice to the individual. It is where I meet what I want and what I neither want to see nor hear. I meet what is beautiful, ugly, disgusting, provoking or simply enjoyable – and I take pleasure in it. The world and the life we live add up to an existence full of contradictions. Cultures understandable and incomprehensible to us collide over space and attention. Art sharpens our senses. All these sensory impressions take form as thoughts or actions. My work constitutes of choreographic strategies expressed though drawings, objects, texts, films, dance… The strategies take me through days of dejection, doubt, happiness and razor-sharp challenges. Through the forest, the city, the government office, the studio, through meetings with Romani beggars, researchers, presidents, dancers or maybe with a moose.