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The Concert Hall, Växjö

Mass Manna, original performance nytt of new piece for dance/circus solist and Musica Vitae

MIn all times, rituals have gathered people in religious contexts, in politics, celebrations or entertainment. The ritual is a tool, the objective is decided by the content. In our times there are also forms that want to promote a commodity (for example "Allsång på Skansen", Idol, advertising events and so on). Where does art belong in all of this?

MASS MANNA is a mass, an act of movement in different layers of consciousness. It sounds and smells. Lust lies in wait. The lust of gathering as a mass without losing integrity.

Music: Jonny Axelsson
Choreography: Efva Lilja
Conductor: Staffan Larson

16 musicians and one dancer/circus artist