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Articles on Artistic Research

Creative Thought-Spaces Nested in Ambiguity, 2021 (Available in the anthology Error, Ambiguity, and Creativity at Palgrave Macmillan)

Pot Calling the Kettle Black, 2021 (Available in the anthology Knowing in Performing at Transcript Publishing)

Art, Research, Empowerment – the Artist as Researcher, 2015 (pdf)
Dance into Articulation, 2013 (pdf)
The Body as an Archive in an Art Laboratory, 2013 (pdf)
On Artistic Research in Sweden 2000-2012, 2012 (pdf)
What's "good" in art? The artistic research dilemma, 2012 (pdf)
Throw the Stones Really Hard at Your Target,
or Rest in Peace, 2009
Cown on the Ice, 2007 (pdf)
Among the Restless and Uneasy, 2007 (pdf)
Words on Artistic Research, 2005 (pdf)

Why don’t cows fly?

Why don’t cows fly? In the everyday idyll, in the rational, productive society, cows graze in the fields or eat their fodder in the stall. Cows don’t dream and they don’t create alternatives to what is present. We do. We can imagine a cow with wings. We can imagine worlds and contexts that bear no resembles to that which we experience in our everyday life. We can reshape reality. We just have to find the proper tools…

A Russian artist friend has made a painting of a cow. It is a cow that looks alike a cow that frequently visits me in my dreams. It’s an image that gives me consolation during lonesome nights. I do not want a real cow. The painted cow is the one who encourages me and makes me strong. So, let’s go for our dreams and live them. Let’s enjoy the precious moment of “make believe” and for a moment just let go of bodily resistance and insufficient thoughts. Let’s dance!