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The Illuminated Dream Aflame
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With Love

An improvised solo for public spaces. A commission for Festival der Regionen, Bad Ischl and Hallstatt, Austria. Duration 4-15 minutes.

Watch one occasion, 2 July 2021, on Youtube


An installation by artist Monica Höll at Galleri Forum, Stockholm, May 2009. Choreography by Efva Lilja performed by dancer and acrobat Danny Westlund, duration 25 min.

The Dream

Eleven Dancers, Seven Actors, One Singer, Thirty-Six Musicians (Stockholms läns blåsarsymfoniker), One Captain, One Tug, One Poodle. Site specific Musical Direction and Sound Effects: Tommy Zwedberg, duration 21 min. Commissioned for the inauguration of BoStad 02 in Hammarby Sjöstad, a stage-setting of Sickla kanal, Stockholm.

Madness in the Everyday Idyll

Six Dancers, Eleven Musicians, Music by Dvorak, Messiaen, Martinsson et al. Lighting Design: Ulf Englund, duration 85 min. Commissioned by Musik i Sörmland and a stage-setting of Nyköpingshus and Åkers International.

The Illuminated Dream Aflame

Fourty-Four Dancers, Sixteen Singers, Original Music: Kent Olofsson, Set Design (Earth and Water installations): Bengt Larsson, Lighting Design: Mats Andreasson, Costume: Efva Lilja, duration 50 min. Commissioned by The Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain.

I Förtröstan

Four Dancers, Music: Genom Vatten by Tommy Zwedberg, Stage Design: Efva Lilja, Lighting Design: Mats Andreasson, Costume Design: Malin Arnell, duration 10 min. A work commissioned for Millesgården and the inauguration of Absolut Art.

A Gentle Cut

Six Dancers, Set Design: Jene Highstein, Percussion: Jonny Axelsson, Lighting Design: Mats Andreasson, duration 50 min. A piece created for Moderna Museet in Stockholm. 2001, developed as site-specific performance for the opening of BAC, the Baltic Art Center, in Visby.

Choreography for 658 Ten-Year-Olds

Choreography for 658 ten-year-olds in a dramatisation, for video, of Svanen, the environmentally-friendly logo. The production was acknowledged as a new world record in the category: »Dramatisation of logos on video« by the Guiness Book of Records, 10 May 2000.

Minnesburar 4

Five Dancers, the Poet Eva Runefelt, the Saxophonist Jörgen Pettersson, Set Design: Efva Lilja, Music: Klas Torstensson, Lighting Design: Mats Andreasson, duration 45 min. For E.L.D.’s studios.


Six Dancers, Fourteen Singers, Fourteen Actors, Original Music: Kent Olofsson, Set Design in Water and Fire: Bengt Larsson, Lighting Design: Mats Andreasson, Costume: Efva Lilja, duration 45 min. For the Pond at Observatorielunden in Stockholm. Commissioned by Stockholm European City of Culture 1998.

Cave of a Memory

Six Dancers, Original Music by and featuring Ivo Nilsson, Lars Amqvist, Jan Lewander and Jonny Axelsson, Lighting Design: Mats Andreasson, Costume: Efva Lilja, duration 50 min. For the Siarö Fort on Kyrkogårds Island, Stockholm’s Archipelago.

De Genomskinliga

Four Dancers, Original Music: Kent Olofsson, Set Design: Richard Julin, Water Installations: Bengt Larsson, Costume: Malin Arnell, duration 55 min.

Betray Your Sorrow In Water, In Air

Two Dancers, Set Design (Water and Air Installation): Bengt Larsson, Lighting Design: Mats Andreasson, duration 10–15 min. Commissioned by Stockholm Water Foundation’s Gala in Berwaldhallen in collaboration with the Stockholm Sinfonietta.

A Wet Evening

Two dancers in water, Music by Tommy Zwedberg: »Genom vatten«, created for the E.L.D. venue.

The Journey

Five Dancers, Two Musicians, trumpet and horn, Original Music: Tommy Zwedberg. Duration 22 min. Lighting Design: Mats Andreasson. Danced in the air against a wall 26m high. A work for the Vasa Museum, Stockholm.

Minnesburar 1

Seven Dancers, the Poet Eva Runefelt, Music by Tommy Zwedberg, duration 45 min. Lighting and Set Design by Efva Lilja and Urban Skoglund. For the Forum Gallery, Stockholm.

Odenplan, Urban Regeneration as Cultural Project

Six Dancers, Eleven Singers, duration 25 min. Part of research project. Headed by Carla Werner. The DU-suite 1–3 was developed for the opening of the Wannås Exhibition 1994.


Two Dancers, Set Installation: Bengt Larsson. Duration 10 min. In water.


Two Dancers, duration 10 min. In earth.

An Unfaithful Song in the Water

Five Dancers, Ten Male-voice-choristers, Musical Concept: Efva Lilja and the members of the choir. Duration 25 min. Danced in water.

Fara, En Dans för Djupa Vatten

Four Dancers, Set Design: Bengt Larsson, duration 25 min. Danced in deep waters. Developed for Stockholm Water Festival, performed in Stockholm’s »Ström«.