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Dance, For Better For Worse
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Att leva i och genom dans

(Living In and Through Dance)
Appell Publishing

Kärlekens samtal är dans: A Box of Three Books

(The Conversation of Love is Dance)
Appell Publishing

Art, Research, Empowerment

The artist as researcher

Do You Get What I’m Not Saying?

On Dance as a Subversive Declaration of Love
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Movement as the Memory of the Body

This Artistic Research project was initiated by the choreographer Efva Lilja, Professor and since January 2006 the Vice-Chancellor of the University College of Dance, who has overall responsibility for the workings of the project during the years dedicated to Movement as the Memory of the Body.

The documentation consists of a book/object in paper, plastic, drawings, a lot of photos and three DVD:s presenting the process and the three performances that was the artistic expression of the research.


A dance made material in flip-book form. Dancer: Helene Karabuda, Photography: Thomas Gidén, Graphic Design: Nina Ulmaja.

Dance, For Better For Worse

On pleasure, revulsion, expectation and other things that makes life worth living.

Words on Dance

“This is a way of looking at a work, as a rediscovered context which can make the isolation bearable. As that which will give us space for everything which exists beyond words. As that which makes visible the very pulse and rhythm of life. Dance has within it possibilities as yet undreamt of...”

Books published in Swedish

Förstår du vad jag inte säger?

Om dans som samhällsomstörtande kärleksförklaring

...En Tids Rörelse