Sketch by Efva Lilja

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2022. Gallery Konsthallen Stockholm
Love’s Conversation Is Dance, 26 March–3 April.

2021–2022. Expedition Konst, Group exhibition, Waldemarsudde Stockholm
A Dance on the Arctic Ice, video work, 30 October–27 February.

2021. Group exhibition Gallery Konsthallen Stockholm 20 years
A Walk, a painted triptych, 2–13 October.

2021. Solo Exhibition Konsthallen Stockholm
Det blåser i min kropp

2020. Solo Exhibition Konsthallen Stockholm
Thinking by Hand, 22 February–1 March.
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2019. Solo Exhibition Konsthallen Stockholm
LUST/DESIRE, 13 September–4 October.
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2015, Imago Mundi Exhibition at Instituto Cini in Venice
The Dilemma of Santa, hair, fluorescent color, confetti and a Santa

2015, Solo Exhibition Galleri Örhänget, Stockholm
On the Fringes of Language, drawings in ink, pencil, varnish, objects and site specific works

2015, Autumn Exhibition, Värmdö konstnärer, Gustavsberg Porslinsmuseum
Sore Soles on Wrong Floors, ink and pencil on paper

2015, Solo Exhibition Dansens hus foyer, Stockholm
Why Bother to Dance?, 30 January–20 April.

2012, Solo Exhibition Dansens hus foyer, Stockholm
On Choreography as Texts and Other Signs, 19 January–23 April.

2010, Swedish Institute, Athens
The Unspeakable, an exhibition of choreographic sketches and video works, 27–30 April.

2009, ScalaMata Gallery Venice
Walking the Mist

2008, Foyer of The House of Dance/Dansens Hus, Stockholm
Cowbox 1

2005, Kulturhuset/The House of Culture, Stockholm
Exhibition on works 1985–2005 in connection with the 20-anniversary of E.L.D., photographers Olof Thiel, Hans Skoglund, Moona Björklund, Ralph Nyqvist and Annika Tersmeden, scenography from repertory, films och drawings by Efva Lilja
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2001, The House of Dance/Dansens Hus, Stockholm
Photo exhibition by Olof Thiel, Hans Skoglund and Annika Tersmeden

2001, Kulturhuset, Stockholm
In connection with the 10-anniversary of E.L.D. Photos by Olof Thiel and Hans Skoglund

2001, Restaurang Prinsen, Stockholm
Exhibition on works 1983–2001, photographer Olof Thiel

1999, Dansens hus foajé Stockholm
The Dangerous Object

1994, Centre Georges Pompidou, Foyé of Grand Salle Theatre, Paris
Photos by Hans Skoglund