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About Efva Lilja's artistic research

"Efva Lilja's choreography, dancing and writing crawls in under your skin and hitches on to every cell in your body, so present that you make immediate contact with life itself. The dance and the words vibrate like the rhythms of all creation. It opens up for new currents of movement, life, light and lust. Efva is sharp. She is sensitive. She is stable. She is brave. She is durable. She combines the smallest with the largest. She is never content with half-truths. She moves with such presence that it touches the outermost boundaries and time after time extend these boundaries. That is why she is not just an enchanting dancer and choreographer, but also an innovator in her thinking as well as in practice as an artist and researcher."

Lis Engel, Spring 2008
(Translation by Malcolm Dixelius)

About Efva Lilja

An article by Aleksandr Tjepalov published in the Russian magazine Peterburgskij Teatralnyj Zhurmal No 4, August 2005. The article is mainly about Mats Ek and Efva Lilja.

Read the article in Swedish (pdf)

Holds No Memory

The Place, London April 2006

“There is an intense, almost neurotic emotionalism. The performance succeeds in the expression of this raw emotion and the connection with her deeply personal journey.”

Dancing Times Magazine
Katie Phillips

With The Eye In The Middle Of Your Head

The Place, London April 2006

“They look intensely at one another and the audience with amazement and fear, their gazes as charged as the relentless electro-acoustic music. It strikes a chord in me somewhere that no other choreographer has ever managed to reach.
Here’s hoping that Lilja’s sensitive, challenging and engaging choreography has stuck a flag in the summit of recognition. Perhaps now it’s time to realise that Swedish contemporary dance is a highly exportable product.”

Dancing Times Magazine
Katie Phillips

Full review Dancing Times Magazine (pdf)